Friday, 18 March 2016

On Partnership

Imagine, just imagine, you no longer have friends in your life as before, nor your parents, or your siblings: Is he or she enough in this case? Can you, supposedly, still feel the same safety as before? If so, hold onto them. For, they ought to be all of the fore-mentioned people. They will be all what you will have gotten and all that will be left later on. Supposedly.

Friday, 3 January 2014

حكمة ربنا: وصلة

بس هقول الحمد لله عشان ربنا وصل وصلة تعدى بيكم لبر الأمان زى ما أنا كنت ممكن أكون فى يوم من الأيام وصلة لإن الحياة علمتنى إن بر الأمان مش بر واحد ولكل بر وصلة

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

"شوية مقبول"

وأتارى كلمة منير "شوية مقبول" مش مجرد كلمة فى أغنية ،فعلا "كل الحدوتة 

شوية مقبول" لو قبلت حقيقتك هتفهم نفسك أو هتغير فيها لو قبلت اللى فى ايدك 

هنحقق بيه حاجات تفوق توقعاتك لو قبلت أخطاءك مش هتعملها مرة ثانية وهتحب 

نفسك ولو قبلت اللى قدامك هو كمان هيقبلك بس خليك دائما فاكر إن فى فرق بين 

"القبول" و "الاستسلام" القبول نوع من الرضا و التفاؤل أما الاستسلام فكلنا عارفين هو إيه :)

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Life is once :) grab it :)

Everything happens, happens for a reason.. Well I find that the best things in the world have no reason they're just like that without a single reason. Moreover there's no good in over-thinking of the reasons of everything for you might miss their pleasures :)

Friday, 6 September 2013

The Political Puppet Theater

The world is a big theater and people tend to be puppeteers. But a puppeteer can’t realize that he’s a puppet of his own malice and one day the threads will have their role. So puppeteers, kindly be aware. This time the audience will not applaud.

Marriage Affair !

My mother to someone: I can assure you that my girl will never be prevailed upon to marry a man unless his name is Shakespeare or Voltaire.
Me: oh Mom ! really a mother is her daughter’s best mind-reader. You can add Dickens and Mr Darcy as well :)

شعور بلتاجى غريب ☺

دايما بشوف إن ليه أزعل أو أتضايق مادام لى رب ! إيه الداعى ! بحس إن مفيش حاجة تضايق و إن كل حاجة بسيطة و مش مستاهلة معرفش ده تفاؤل ولا لامبالاة ولا إيمان المهم إنه إحساس مريح.